For the first time since the founding of the World Esports Association (WESA), the executive board has been reelected and enlarged to represent the WESA members from all regions.

Cologne, Germany January, 18 2019 – The members of WESA, the World Esports Association, have elected new executive board members since the Members’ Meeting in London in September. Along with the election of the executive committee, the decision was made to expand the board to a total of six representatives.

Increasing the size of the executive board allows for an improved representation of the growing number of WESA members around the globe. The executive board now represents the American, the European and the CIS region by the name of Erik Anderson (FaZe Clan), Hicham Chahine (NIP) and Roman Dvoryankin (Virtus.Pro).

In addition to the three team representatives, Ralf Reichert (ESL) and Sebastian Weishaar (ESL) have been reelected to the board. The final position will be filled by Jan Pommer, Managing Director of German Racing.

“Hicham and Wouter have been a driving force for the progress we have made in recent months, but with the expansion into new titles and more teams, the workload has been increased to a point where it makes sense to expand the executive board. I want to take this opportunity to thank Wouter for all his efforts and at the same time welcome Roman and Erik to the board. We look forward to the upcoming months with this new committee.”, said Dr. Pietro Fringuelli, Commissioner and Chairman of the Executive Board of the WESA.



”WESA is truly a member driven organization and I’m honored to take up the mantle from Wouter and join the executive board along with Roman to help guide the strategic vision moving forward. While there is still an incredible amount of work ahead of us, the foundation of WESA will remain a cornerstone as the competitive landscape continues to mature. I’m excited for WESA to work with more teams, player associations, tournament organizers, and publishers to continue to grow a sustainable esports ecosystem that our fans and partners will be equally proud of for years to come.”, said Erik Anderson, Head of Esports for FaZe Clan.


The main objectives of the newly formed executive board will be to support healthy growth of the esports ecosystem, unite more teams and leagues under the WESA banner while game specific boards will take over the day to day work for specific leagues.